The Calm Spot

Welcome To The Calm Spot

The Calm Spot

Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to calm and relax

If you’ve found your way here it might be out of simple curiosity, or it might be because you’re feeling a little stressed and the title appealed to you. It doesn’t matter what the reason, here, you’ll find a private little oasis where you can relax, refresh and calm yourself.

What is The Calm Spot?

The calm spot is a 7 min 30 sec audio where I use language to give you a relaxing break from your day to day routine. There’s no music, just the sound of my voice guiding you into a relaxed state and then bringing you back to alertness at the end of it.

It’s important to take mini breaks when you’re working. If you find yourself distracted by emails, Facebook, Twitter etc it’s a sure sign that you’re getting tired. So this is my way of helping you be more productive – and to stay well.

How does it work

Well, it’s very simple. Just turn off your phones, and remove any other possible distractions. Get comfortable in your chair. Then click the play button.

Come back whenever you need refreshment. You might want to bookmark this page. Maybe you could get a couple of colleagues to sit with you while you listen together. Imagine how much more productive your team will be for the rest of the day.

Enjoy it and again, feel free to give me feedback on how well it works for you.

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