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If you’re searching for an NLP training course – you’re in the right place! NLP has been around for over forty years now and is constantly being developed by trainers like myself. More recently, neuro scientific research, emotional intelligence and ‘soft’ people skills have been incorporated into many NLP models that enable quick and easy change at many levels.

NLP enables change in a unique way

NLP relies more on the trainers ability to get the messages across, than on the participant’s ability to learn. This is important because, in my experience, many people have unhelpful programming about their ability to learn. They feel uncomfortable in a classroom environment and worried in case they don’t ‘get’ it.

By being able to relax in the MetaMorphosis learning environment, many are surprised by just how much they assimilate and are thus able to use immediately.

Stephanie Philp

Stephanie Philp

Hi, I’m Stephanie PhilpIANLP Training seal

I’m an internationally recognised Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Trainer with the International Assn of NLP (IANLP) based in Switzerland, a Master Coach Trainer with International Coaching Institutes (ICI) and NLP Institutes.  My NLP Practitioner training courses are also recognised by the NZ Assn NLP (NZANLP).

With a background in HR and senior management I have first hand experience in resolving the human challenges associated with business development. I have been training people to achieve deep and transformative change using NLP since 1994.

I have a humorous and inclusive facilitation style that has entertained and educated people in England, Portugal and New Zealand. Read more

I use the skills of NLP to train NLP.

Because I’m training both the conscious and the unconscious mind you ‘get’ the information at two levels. This enables speedy integration within all the different aspects that make up your life. The more you incorporate NLP into your life, the more generative it becomes. In other words, the more you use NLP the more you’ll find uses for NLP.

At some point, it will no longer seem like you’re ‘doing NLP’, because NLP will be so fully integrated, so much a part of who you are, you will not consciously notice what’s NLP and what’s not.

That’s a great place to aim for

You’ll be obtaining magical change with yourself or others with flexibility, grace and ease.

The Training Courses

In this section you’ll find information about the various courses I facilitate. So whether you want NLP Practitioner training, an introductory course such as Blueprint For Excellence or Inside Your Mind or to run a course in-house, you’ll find all the information you need here. Click the dropdown menu at the top for information on the course you’re looking for.