In-House Training Courses

In-House Training Courses

In-house training courses
Why in-house Training Courses?

For many organisations in-house training courses provide a way to build a team, embody organisational values and enhance the corporate culture, while training staff in new skills. In addition, everyone gets the same message at the same time.

The advantages of In-House training Courses

Participants are trained in specific practical skills which are applicable to the whole of their life. MetaMorphosis’ focus is on training participants in People Skills.

People Skills include developing Emotional Intelligence, self-awareness and the soft skills that are so important to enduring and positive organisational relationships. Because participants can use the skills with their partners and children as well as at work and socially, they are more likely to use what they’ve learnt and thus the skills become reinforced over time.

Sharing a Philosophy

Training together means people share a philosophy and can help each other improve. The training can be spaced so that each learning builds upon the previous one(s). This achieves a steady change in behaviour, and any issues associated with implementing the training in the working environment can be dealt with as they arise.

Cost Effective

It’s often more cost effective to train large numbers of people rather than sending individuals to public courses.

Avoiding ‘Group Think’

Sometimes participants can get into a ‘group think’ mentality that’s not always healthy. It’s therefore important to have a strong facilitator who will challenge ‘group thinking’ in a way that’s consistent yet supportive. By exposing participants to new ways of thinking they are stimulated to develop creative possibilities and different ways of doing things.

Any MetaMorphosis training course can be facilitated in house – and many of them have been! Popular in-house courses include

Inside Your Mind

Blueprint for Excellence

Leadership Programmes

Please see the list in the navigation bar at the top for other courses you can bring in-house. I can also develop a training specifically to deliver the outcomes you desire. Or, if you have ideas or your own, please get in touch!