Inside Your Mind

Inside Your Mind: In-house Training

Interactive and fun-filled!

Based on the Inside Your Mind E-Book and mp3 this course is a very interactive, fun-filled and humorous training course. Typically it lasts 5 – 6 hours depending on the time you have available.

The structure of thought

Participants get first-hand experience of how they structure thought. They learn how to identify the type of thinking they’re engaged in, as well as ways to change their own and others negative thinking. This is a great, lively introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Course Contents
  • Definitions and applications of NLP
  • At last, the real secrets you need to run your own brain!
  • How communication works – and why it often doesn’t!
  • Discover a simple, discreet technique you can use to be your best more often.
  • The mind-body connection – how your thinking affects your health
  • The finer points of thinking – the difference that makes the difference
  • The eyes have it – how we think with our eyes
  • Ways to be more resilient and resourceful.
  • Meta messages – the messages you send when you think you’re saying nothing! (5 hour course only)
“I used to get so anxious when I presented that I literally shook. But at my last presentation I felt so confident I actually sang!

Jeremy Hughes

It’s true! I used to get so anxious before and during a presentation that I would shake. This wasn’t just a little nervousness, this was full-on shaking that was so bad people would feel obliged to ask me if I was alright.

Foolishly I believed that if I made presentations often enough that I would get better and get over it.

I didn’t

I knew nervousness was hindering my performance at presentations and I actively avoided doing presentations whenever possible.

So what changed?

At one presentation I was shaking so much I struggled with a demonstration of putting some sheets of paper through a shredder.

Afterwards Stephanie came to talk to me and told me she could help me change my nervousness into power and control. She gave me a few tips and then a little while later I went to the MetaMorphosis’ ‘Inside Your Mind’ course and learnt how to apply what she’d told me first hand.

It was eye opening to say the least.

During the last presentation I did recently there was a piece that I thought would be great if I could sing it!

Talk about the sublime to the ridiculous!

I did the presentation without shaking, without nerves – and sang the piece in the middle.

I was blown away by how good I felt. The nervousness had gone and the power and control that Stephanie promised was completely evident.

One person said, “That was a fantastic talk – I wish I could stand up in front of people and do that. It felt really personal!””

Jeremy Hughes
Director and Owner,
Ignition Software


“Empowering – opens up new possibilities. The trainer is very engaging, amusing (with) practical hints and advice.”

“I found it valuable in understanding myself and getting techniques to take control of my life. Go for it – it’ll change your life and open up your mind. So many possibilities… “The trainer had great ways of helping me understand easily and was very encouraging and funny.”

“Interesting and inspiring” Christine “It was valuable with the empowerment of knowing I can change my own state. The trainer was awesome :). This course is an opportunity to understand yourself and how much power you actually have to create the life you want.”

“Practical tools to be the driver of your own world in a positive way. Opened up my mind, learnt new skills, was hit with the ‘real’ hammer. Do it – very enlightening. Awesome trainer!”

“Confirmation that it’s all about choice, our choice – every moment of every day. It’s about understanding that life can be however you choose, exciting or ordinary, your choice.”
Lily Holyoake
‘Wow – fascinating. I can’t wait to learn more.’

‘Very enjoyable and humorous – full of real life examples that we can relate to.’

‘Very good, easy to listen to – good to ‘do’ rather than just sit!’

“A valuable experience with practical uses.”
Logan Cotter 

“I found the day very encouraging and changes can be made quite simply. The trainer offered clear housekeeping, kept to time, she was able to use very good and clear examples to explain things.”

“Definitely something in this for every individual.” LMR “Trainer was great. Makes stuff simple. Very worthwhile.”

“I have been given the tools to change my beliefs,and behaviour and to overcome self made obstacles. It is now up to me to use these tools. I highly recommend the course. Stephanie was very convincing and motivating, a lovely person.”
Brigitte Lidgard

Simple techniques to understand our thinking and communication processes. Stephanie is very good at this stuff. Loud music lifted everyone at the beginning of each session and intros were a great start.”
Bexie Towle

“My biggest learning is that I have the ability to change the way I perceive and react to things. Really interesting and useful. Go with an open mind and you’ll definitely benefit. Awesome trainer- thanks so much it’s been fun and informative. The music at the start of the session was too loud – wow that makes me sound old!”
Anna Cunningham

“Go with a curious attitude and you will take a great deal away from the day. The biggest learning was the power of the mind and ways to get smarter about using the brain. Love Steph – fantastic.”
Kim Bredenbeck

“It is great for personal and professional awareness. Steph was excellent, kept us engaged. (I realised) how much I interpret little things and create such problems.”

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