Introduction to NLP

Introduction to NLP: In-house Course

What do you want your team to be able to do differently?

If you want them to develop Emotional Intelligence, enhance their People Skills and understand how they – and others – tick, you’ll achieve great value from this course.

This two-day introduction to NLP has some set modules and is tailored to the needs of the participant group.

Read feedback from one such Introduction to NLP course, aimed at Career practitioners.

Course content:
  • How to gain and maintain rapport with anyone. Rapport is the basis of influence so unless your team know how to do this consciously they could be missing out on opportunities to successfully put their ideas across or to advance their careers.
  • Find out how a person’s thinking style could be polluting their nervous system! Learn how to clean it up to start FEELING better. Plus simple techniques to programme your brain for success.
  • What you can tell from non-verbal language. And what secrets you might be giving away!
  • What positive thinking really means and how it affects your physical and emotional well-being and the achievement of your goals.
  • Do you have a ‘Moody Merv’ or a ‘Sullen Susan’ in your team? They’ll learn how to manage feelings to consistently be in top form. That way everyone else doesn’t have to tip toe around them.
  • The Blueprint for Excellence – the secret six-step formula that true winners use.
  • Learn how communication is systemic and what one person can do to change and thereby influence others behaviour.
  • How to tune up your senses so you begin seeing and hearing information you might have missed before completing this course.
  • How communication actually works – why it sometimes doesn’t work – and tips to manoeuvre around the roadblocks so you can successfully get your message across.
  • The famous NLP Eye accessing cues. Can you really tell if people are lying by where they look? And how does this influence communication and learning?
  • A unique goal setting technique that will leave you feeling drawn irresistibly towards your goals instead crawling towards them on your knees. Yes, yes, I know you’ve probably done goal setting a million times AND, I assure you this way is different, better and more compelling than anything else you will have come across. But better still – it works. You’ll achieve your goals in ways that seem easy and almost effortless.

This is an intensive 2 day programme.

Contact Stephanie about facilitating an Introduction to NLP Course in your organisation.