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Leadership Programmes

Leadership Programmes

What is Leadership?

Leadership has many definitions but no one seems to agree on a single version.

Most however, agree that leadership includes empowering, influencing and motivating people towards the achievement of a shared vision or goal.

To be effective it’s no longer enough for leaders to have the technical or ‘hard’ skills required of their role they also need the ‘soft skills’.

They might be ‘soft’ but they’re not always easy!

Soft skills – also known as EQ skills and people skills include: emotional intelligence, communication, empathy, listening, motivating, questioning, teamwork, conflict resolution, adaptability, problem solving and resilience. Get my free eBook for a more thorough explanation.

These are the skills and traits that make people, teams and organisations successful.

They give teams and organisations a competitive edge

Admittedly, some people have some of these traits as a natural part of their personality. We all know people who are empathetic, others who can stay calm under pressure etc. But I don’t know anyone who has, innately, all the skills and traits encompassed under the ’soft skills’ or EQ labels.

An employer survey revealed
  • 71 percent of employers value emotional intelligence (EQ) in an employee more than IQ
  • 59 percent of employers would not hire someone who has a high IQ but low EQ
  • For workers being considered for a promotion, the high EQ candidate will beat out the high IQ candidate 75 percent of the time. Source

When asked why emotional intelligence is more important than high IQ, employers said (in order of importance): Employees [with high EQ] are more likely to: 

  • stay calm under pressure
  • resolve conflict effectively
  • be empathetic to their team members and react accordingly
  • lead by example
  • make more thoughtful business decisions
But where do you learn soft skills?

Education facilities and tertiary institutes are generally focused on teaching academic or specific intellectual knowledge or ‘hard’ skills. It’s almost as if they too expect people to have the EQ traits innately – or absorb them by osmosis! So even though soft skills training is valued, it may not be taught because it’s considered as personal development.

All development is personal development!

People are not machines that can be turned on and off. So whatever you learn you have to take it on board personally before you’re able to use it professionally.

What participants learn on MetaMorphosis courses

Participants learn and develop their emotional intelligence through the practical application of skills taught in the training room. By understanding their own abilities and recognising HOW others are different, they develop skills to get the best from every team member and every interaction.

They learn that what motivates one won’t motivate another and they learn ways to motivate everyone in their team to perform optimally.Leadership Programmes

Self awareness

Key to the developing and leading of others is self awareness. Participants learn emotional control, communication skills, empathy and rapport, reflective listening, questioning techniques and problem solving. In learning and applying these skills they develop the resilience to be better leaders with a deep understanding of how others ‘tick’.

Depending on the course length, they also learn to:
  • Gain and maintain rapport and why it’s important.
  • Guide and coach to improve performance.
  • Read subtle feedback and responding accordingly.
  • Understand and using different motivational triggers to get the best from each person.
  • Respect and treat people as individuals – making each feel valued.
  • Be encouraging, receiving and acting upon feedback without taking it personally.
  • Understand how beliefs affect their behaviour and why they’re important.
  • Develop influencing and persuasion skills.
  • Ask good, insightful questions.
  • Skills to get to and resolve the root cause of problems quickly and easily.
  • Understand the deeper structure of language and use it to effect positive changes.
  • Make sure the people they’re considering employing in their team will be compatible.
  • Understand the unconscious messages they communicate without words – and make sure they match with what they say.
Practical and skills based

All MetaMorphosis courses are practical and down-to-earth. The learning is applicable to every area of life, so will be used and practised. Positive feedback from inside and outside the work environment reinforces new thinking and behaviour.

Duration and Timing

Training programmes can extend from 2 full days to six or more days depending on your outcomes. They can be facilitated in blocks with opportunities to practise the skills between the blocks.

“Highly rated. Has provided me with some very useful skills – and has allowed me to arrive at some points to concentrate/practice on/with.”
Sean – Team Manager

“The interaction and examples kept re-inforcing as you were learning. I found it great understanding and seeing through examples, how what I say/do etc is interpreted by others and HOW they interpreted it the way they did. Very practical for all aspects of life – work, personal, sport etc.”
Lisa Edmunds – Sales Support Business Analyst

“Very fulfilling and stretching. Do it!!! Makes you think.”
Gayl Roden – Branch Manager

Leadership Through Communication

M.van het Bolscher.

‘Great course, very different. This would be valuable to many.’
Rachel Leeuenberg – Support Services Manager

‘Highly rated. Has provided me with some very useful skills – and has allowed me to arrive at some points to concentrate/practice on/with.’
Sean – Team Manager

‘Best course I have done for ages. So many examples to help understand the concepts.’
Christine Veltman – Sales Systems Business Analyst.

‘Very good and informative. So much information and explained very well. Thank you Stephanie.’
Michelle F. – Team Leader – Customer Services

‘The interaction and examples kept re-inforcing as you were learning. I found it great understanding and seeing through examples, how what I say/do etc is interpreted by others and HOW they interpreted it the way they did. Very practical for all aspects of life – work, personal, sport etc.
Lisa Edmunds – Sales Support Business Analyst

Communicating Leadership with NLP – six days

“Amazing, really interesting finding out WHY one person is different from the other.”
Kelly Munro-Elliott – Team Leader

“Very fulfilling and stretching. Do it!!! Makes you think.
Gayl Roden – Branch Manager

“Go for it! It will change the way you see the world and people. Tremendous value personally for me and for the work environment.
B.L.Cowie – Branch Manager

“Awesome – gain some valuable insights about yourself and others.” I.D.Posa – Branch Manager “This course will help you to understand yourself better and you’ll learn to understand others instead of just tolerating them (their opinions, values etc) I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this course. I’ve grown and will continue to grow through revisiting, practising and sharpening the skills I’ve gained.”
Antony Eley – Branch Manager

“Absolutely outstanding and if you want to be in a management role you need this. Great!”
Soraya Nisbet – Branch Manager

“Well presented programme, loved the stories, great programme. Very worthwhile.” Janice Griffin – Branch Manager – Banking

“Enjoyed the opportunity to be part of the group and to be able to apply the skills during the weeks of the course.”
Maxine McDonald – Banking

“It’s fantastic. Hard to describe in a few sentences. Thanks for the experience and opening my eyes to ways of being a better boss, friend, wife and mum!”
Sheryl Fonoti – Branch Manager

“Great course, Thanks for everything Stephanie.”
Phil O’Donnell – Branch Manager

“Great training course and very interesting material covered.”
Kamal Kishore – Branch Manager

“A course that is guaranteed to change your perceptions and drive change in the way you communicate.”
John Gurau – Branch Manager.

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