Presentation FAQs

Presentation FAQs

Where is Stephanie based and where is she flying from?

Stephanie is based in Raglan on the West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island. It a fairly central base to get to anywhere in the world.

Flights within NZ are from Hamilton and most international flights are from Auckland.

What is the charge for a presentation?

That depends on many factors:
  • Do you want a keynote address?
  • A workshop?
  • Where is the event?
  • How long do you want the presentation to last?
  • How much preparation will be required?

Every event is different so the best thing is to get in touch. Send some information about your conference, event and what you require and Stephanie will get back to you. Or call her on 64-7-825-6743.

What kind of presentations does Stephanie do?

Inside Your Mind

Interactive and fun filled!

Based on the Inside Your Mind E-Book and mp3 this course is a very interactive, fun-filled and humourous presentation. Typically it lasts 4 – 5 hours depending on the time you have available. Participants get first-hand experience of how they structure thought. They learn how to identify the type of thinking they’re engaged in, as well as ways to change their own and others negative thinking. This is a great, lively introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Presentation contents

* Definitions and applications of NLP
* At last, the real secrets you need to run your own brain!
* How communication works – and why it often doesn’t!
* Discover a simple, discreet technique you can use to be your best more often.
* The mind-body connection – how your thinking affects your health
* The finer points of thinking – the difference that makes the difference
* The eyes have it – how we think with our eyes
* Ways to be more resilient and resourceful.
* Meta messages – the messages you send when you think you’re saying nothing! (5 hour course only)

“Wow – fascinating. I can’t wait to learn more.”
“Very enjoyable and humorous – full of real life examples that we can relate to.”
“Very good, easy to listen to – good to ‘do’ rather than just sit!”


Communicating For Results

Course objective

Success comes from influence. Learn the many ways in which you can ethically have more influence in your working and social relationships. You’ll discover ways to change your own behaviour so you consistently get the responses you want from other people and gain clear insights so you can steer clear of the traps that prevent effective interaction.

Presentation Contents

* The systemic nature of communication and 4 ways to use this to have greater influence

* Using language effectively to convey the right message

* The impact of non-verbal language – what you’re really communicating

* 7 road blocks that STOP! effective communication

* Learn how words impact your physical and emotional health and how to change your language so you feel better.


You’ll learn new approaches you can use immediately that will influence how you interact with others as well as tips on taming the “internal terrorist”!

Target audience

This fun, dynamic and interactive presentation is for people who understand that truly effective communication is a skill that can be easily learnt – and constantly improved!

“Great presentation style – would like to know more”
“Excellent rapport with audience”
“Real and honest”

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Available in the following formats
  • 2 hour presentation session
  • 4 hour workshop
  • 1 day workshop
  • 2 day intensive workshop


Other Presentations

I can put together a presentation to suit the needs of your audience and the learning outcomes you want to achieve. You’ll get some idea of my style of presentation and the topics I cover from the information on this web site. But please, if you’re not sure, just get in touch.