Are you fed up with presenters who talk at your audience?

Sick of all the empty ra, ra, ra with no real improvement in skills at the end of it?

Would you like someone who pulls the bedclothes off your audience, throws open the windows and thoroughly wakes them up?

Want someone who gets them involved with each other and teaches them real skills they can use immediately?

Then please read on…

Stephanie Philp has been training and entertaining audiences around New Zealand and Europe and consistently gets feedback indicating people are using the stuff she teaches and getting the rewards. They love her sense of humour and ability to laugh at everyday situations. She builds great rapport with audiences and teaches them ‘uncommon sense.’

What’s Uncommon Sense?

Uncommon sense is information, knowledge and skill that makes total sense once you hear or see it. Before Stephanie’s presentation it might have been something the audience never paid attention to or wondered about.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t important

Just because they didn’t pay attention to it, doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. In fact the opposite is true. What Stephanie teaches allows participants to gain experiential skill by being involved all the way through.

Improving Relationships

They learn ways to improve relationships with customers, team members, partners, children and most importantly, how to get the best out of themselves.

They’ll be involved

There’s no sitting around watching someone strut their stuff on stage. Stephanie will be in the audience, with the audience, prodding the audience, making sure they’re getting more that just ‘head knowledge’; that they have new and practical skills they can put to use straight away.


Stephanie constantly gets comments about how much fun her presentations are as well as how much people have learnt.

She also gets invited back!

More Questions?

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