The MetaMorphosis Makeover Promise

Why the MetaMorphosis Makeover Promise?

Well, I’ve found that sometimes people are afraid to commit to an extensive NLP training course. You might be one of those people. You might have many, varied and valid reasons. And it’s those reasons that stop you from registering.

Prime Reasons

One reason is the time commitment. The Power of Personal Change – MetaMorphosis 101 is six days long. The full NLP Practitioner Training is 18 days. If you look back on past achievements, I expect all of them involved giving up some of your time in one way or another. At least you’ll be having fun on these courses and at the end have an international qualification recognising your new skill set.

For some people the cost may be an issue

Many 2-day NLP courses cost more than my 6-day course and you won’t get an international trainer to lead you through it or a qualification at the end.

But it’s not really the cost you’re concerned about. I know it’s not the cost because you’ve probably investigated courses and found that they cost much more than a MetaMorphosis course. The real concern is that you might not get value for money.

Value for money is crucial

Value for money is what you really want. You want to know that your investment of time and money is going to give you something that you will value, something that will give you returns on your investment. Like me, you always want to get value for money.

‘What I got from the course was worth
100 times what I paid for it.’

Liz Reeseg – IT Industry

I know that even if I buy a $3.00 ice cream, I want to feel that the ice cream was worth what I paid for it. If it isn’t, I feel ripped off. If I buy a piece of clothing, I want to know that it fits properly, that it suits me and that I feel great in it. If I get these three matches then I know I’ve got value for money.

The course costs more than a piece of clothing

Yes, MetaMorphosis course costs a bit more than an average piece of clothing. So how can you be sure that it fits properly, that it’s going to suit you and that you’ll feel great about it?

The principle is the same

It doesn’t matter what you purchase, the principle of getting value for money is the same. Because when you get value for money, you haven’t incurred a cost – you’ve made an investment. And there’s a big The MetaMorphosis Makeover Promisedifference between the two.

I’m proud to be making a difference

I know that the MetaMorphosis NLP training makes a huge difference to people. Just read what others have to say. And I want you to feel comfortable taking the decision to train with me. So, I offer you… drum roll please..

The MetaMorphosis Makeover Promise.
In nutshell this is it:

‘If you don’t see, hear and feel the transformation, I’ll give you your money back.’

I’m serious. (And it’s not very often I’m serious). I know how much difference this course makes to peoples lives so I really want you to have the benefit of attending. So, commit to the training and put in the work. If, at the end, you believe you haven’t experienced a MetaMorphosis, I’ll give you your money back. Not only that but you get to keep all the training materials (training manual etc.).

Why am I prepared to do this?

It’s one thing I can do to make your decision a bit easier. I’ve offered a money-back guarantee for some years now and it does seem to help people feel more comfortable. If you read the feedback you’ll see that participants consider they get much more from the course than what they paid for it.

It’s risk-free

So, for you, choosing to attend a MetaMorphosis NLP Practitioner training is a risk free investment.

‘The best training I have ever had. Nothing compares
or comes close to what a great course this was.’

Anita Jenner – Personal Coach, Entrepreneur