Want To Know Your Hidden Beliefs? Look At Your Life!

3 Sep 2019

Want To Know Your Hidden Beliefs? Look At Your Life!

Hidden beliefs impact all aspects of your life

They affect your behaviour, your sense of self and even your perception of reality.

In this podcast, Aaron Mooar from Raglan Radio and I discuss different types of beliefs and how they influence every aspect of life, whether you’re aware of those beliefs — or not!

hidden beliefs

Aaron was quick to challenge — on behalf of listeners — my ‘adopted’ belief that ‘everything happens for the best’.

We reflect on the difference between beliefs we’re aware of and one’s we’re not. And we discuss how changing a belief can shape our perception, transforming our whole experience of reality.

I relate an example of how a woman on a course identified a personal belief (unintentionally) by ‘owning her language’.

Aaron asked me what happens if someone has a belief that things won’t last, or that changing a belief won’t work or make any difference. Listen to hear my answer.

Many of the beliefs we hold are not held consciously but they do focus your life. A person’s behaviour and what they experience in their lives indicate what they believe. Aaron came up with a great example of someone he worked with, who believed that things never work out.

I have a couple of personal examples of old and not-very-useful unconscious beliefs and supporting evidence for them. I report how I tracked them down — and the shock of realising how deeply ingrained they had been. 

How to track down a belief

Look at what you’re experiencing in your life. If you undergo similar negative occurrences regularly, there is probably an underlying belief which needs to change. My SHIFT Coaching can also help you resolve these types of issues.


Somehow, we got onto the subject of hypnosis, for entertainment purposes and for pain relief and relaxation. We talked about how hypnosis applies in the field of NLP — and no — you don’t get to perform a chicken impersonation if you come to a MetaMorphosis workshop :).

Also, on this podcast:
  • How we all experience reality differently. So even though we might have had the same experience as other people, we’ll all perceive it differently.
  • How ‘owning’ your language, rather than generalising, can help you discover or realise a belief that might be uniquely yours.
  • How changing beliefs sometimes ends up with the people around us, leaving, to be replaced by others with more positive beliefs.
Take a listen

NB.The Derren Brown programme referred to in the podcast is called The Heist. My apologies if all the details about it in the podcast aren’t entirely accurate — it’s been a while since I watched it, and I didn’t intend talking about it that morning.